SecParticle Terminal Node defines general parameter of secondary liquid simulation.
This node must be used with SecParticle Soler node.

Input / Simulation Data:
Input simulation data for PIC/FLIP Terminal. You must connect this input for work.

Export Files:
Defines export placement of the simulated PRT data.

save float as 16bit:
When checked, export float channel as 16bit for the prt file to reduce file size at the expense of some accuracy.

Channel minimize:
When checked, minimize export channel. By limiting the kinds of channels output, reduce the size of the output file.

Export Log:
When checked, export simulation log.

Start Frame:
Defines start frame of the simulation.

End Frame:
Defines end frame of the simulation.

Viewport Preview:
When checked, preview particles during simulation.

reduce step:
Defines step size for particle preview. To set 1 means all particle previewed. To set 2 means half particle previewed.

Sim on network rendering:
When checked, start simulation when 3dsmax on the network rendering(slave) mode. Be careful, when use this mode, please set “single frame rendering” in your render setting. If you set multiple frame rendering with this check, execute simulation on the every render tasks.

Start Simulation:
When you crick this button, simulation process start on your PC.