Add Vortex Node apply vortex force to the Simulation Data.

Input / Simulation Data:
Input simulation data for Add Vortex. You must connect this input for work.

Input / mask Grid:
Input simulation data for masking. The mask makes gradient effect between min Mask Falloff and max Mask Falloff.
Input SDF Grid will be convert to Fog grid(surface = 0.0 / deepest = 1.0) and use that value for the gradient and effect.

Output / Simulation Data:
output result simulation data.

Pick Torque Helper:
Select Torque Helper object from 3dsmax.

Make Torque Helper:
Generate Torque Helper object and set it to the node.

Vortex Speed [unit / sec]:
Defines speed of the vortex force.

Force Angle:
Defines angle of the vortex force. If set 0.0, vortex force is pointing in the direction of the tangent. 90.0 means pointing in the direction of the vortex center.

Velocity Constraint:
When checked, The added force is limited to vortex speed. If the voxel has a velocity faster than the value, no force will be added any more.

Peak Position:
Defines peak position of the vortex rotation. 0.0 means at the vortex center and 1.0 means on the vortex edge.

Falloff Type:
Defines falloff (from peak to center and edge) type of the vortex force.

Invert Mask
Inverts the mask.

min Mask Falloff:
Start (or End) Falloff and use this value if the mask voxel value is more than it.

max Mask Falloff:
End (or Start) Falloff and use this value if the mask voxel value is less than it.