Add Turbulence Node apply turbulent force to the Simulation Data.

Input / Simulation Data:
Input simulation data for Add Turbulence. You must connect this input for work.

Input / mask Grid:
Input simulation data for masking. The mask makes gradient effect between min Mask Falloff and max Mask Falloff.
Input SDF Grid will be convert to Fog grid(surface = 0.0 / deepest = 1.0) and use that value for the gradient and effect.

Output / Simulation Data:
output result simulation data.

Intensity [unit / sec]:
Defines intensity of the turbulent force.

Direction Multiplier:
Defines direction multiplier of the force.

Defines scale of the turbulence noise.

Defines detail of the turbulence noise.

Phase Intensity:
Defines phase intensity of the turbulence. Larger value makes faster noise phase animation. Zero makes none animation.

Phase Offset:
Defines phase offset of the turbulence noise.

Invert Mask
Inverts the mask.

min Mask Falloff:
Start (or End) Falloff and use this value if the mask voxel value is more than it.

max Mask Falloff:
End (or Start) Falloff and use this value if the mask voxel value is less than it.