ver 2.85
– add support 3dsmax 2024
– fixed random particle generation problem.
– fixed particle emitter node problem with smoke simulation.
– particle emitter can create particle with arrayed levelset.
– fixed many small problems.

ver 2.81
– support separated velocity channel in VDB File node.
When using this option, write such as “velocityX|velocityY|velocityZ” in the velocity channel name text box. Vertical bar is separator of the each channel name.
– fixed transformed VDB file for levelset to mesh.
– improved wind force behavior for liquid simulation.

ver 2.8a
– fixed some installer problem

ver 2.8 need to install Nvidia CUDA Toolkit 11.4.1
– add support 3dsmax 2023
– add many new simulation nodes for PIC/FLIP simulation
– add use render/sim Value function in the Int and Float node
– no longer averrable “super sampling” on the main panel. Recommend to use “render/sim Value” in the Int or Float node
– Change 3dsmax time. Now output float value, not Integer
– add preview function in the PRT / PRT Listbox node
– add confirm function in the Levelset to Mesh node
– add support sequence alembic file export
– many minor bug fix

ver 2.5
You need install Nvidia CUDA Toolkit 11.4.1
– add support 3dsmax 2022
– add many simulation nodes
– add support Particle Flow event selection on Particles Obj node and Particles Listbox node
– many minor bug fix

ver 2.1
– update openVDB version to 6.2.1
– .vdb files are now as much as 20% smaller than previous version.

ver 2.0
totally renewed user interface to node editor. You can access and build all the features more freely for your effect.
This Version does not have compatibility with version 1.x. But you can use both version same time.
– add support Velocity Trail on ParticleToLevelset
– add support uvw channel on ObjectToLevelset
– add support alembic export on LevelsetToMesh
– add support mask and trim function on Smooth Filter
– add support new filter type, mask and trim function on Erode/Dilate Filter.
– add support reNormalize node
– add support Resample node
– add support Transform node
– add support Reset Transform node
– add support Segment node
– add support mask on Levelset Morph
– improve more speed for Add Map function
– add support LOD node
– add support channel naming on VDB Export
– add support Visualize node
– add support GridInfo node
– add support channel naming on VDB File import
– add many nodes for various control of the functions
– many minor bug fixed for core process

ver 1.1
– add Levelset CSG function
– add Levelset morph function
– add texture map function
– add median filter
– increase limit of filter iteration
– fixed UI reflesh timing

ver 1.01
– Minor bug fix.

ver 1.00
– First release build.