Pressure Solver Node apply pressure solve to the simulation.
If your system has nvidia’s cuda GPU and checked ‘Use Cuda GPU’ on the Simulation terminal node, use GPU computing for the pressure solve.
If overflow memory for the GPU computing, automatically switch to the CPU computing mode.

Input / Simulation Data:
Input simulation data for pressure solve. You must connect this input for work.

Output / Simulation Data:
output result simulation data.

Defines accuracy for the pressure solve.
We recommend to use 4 – 6 for Grid Smoke solver and 7 – 9 for PIC/FLIP solver.

Max iteration:
Defines max iteration for the pressure solve.

CPU Solver Type:
Defines CPU solver type. This setting is not affect GPU solver. In some case, you may get unstable. If you may get trouble with Type-1, please try to use Type-2 or 3.
Type-1(fast): This solver is faster but use a lot of memory.
Type-2(less Memory): This solver is slower, but use less memory. If you want to have huge scale of simulation, please try to use this solver.
Type-3(stable): This solver is slowest, but the result is stable any kind of situation. If you have some trouble with pressure solver, please try to use this solver.

Force use CPU Solver:
When checked, use CPU solver only if you set use cuda GPU setting on the terminal node.
On the PIC/FLIP solver, you may get more speed by CPU solver in current version. It depends on the your PC and Scene settings.