LevelsetToMesh Node can create polygon mesh from SDF VDB Grids.

Input / VDB Grid:
Input vdb data for convert. You must connect this input for create.

Input / Crop Geometry:
When you connect from geometry data to here, crop generated polygon by this geometry.

Input / Ref. Geometry:
This input is useful for converting fractured VDB Grids. When you connect from geometry data to here, fragments levelset result refer from this geometry.

Mesh Type:
This parameter defines mesh mode.

Defines crossing point of the levelset values for converting to polygons.

Defines adaptive rate of mesh.

Int. Adaptivity:
When you use Ref. Geometry input, defines adaptive rate of inside mesh.

export with Spheres:
When checked, sphere geometry or AqBullet btSphere objects are created with fragments.

Sphere Type (Geometry / btSphere):
Defines sphere object type. btSphere need AqBullet plugin for 3dsmax.

min Radius:
Defines minimum radius of sphere.

max Radius:
Defines maximum radius of sphere.

max Number:
Defines maximum number of sphere.

scatter Num:
Defines scatter position number of sphere.

Sphere Seg:
Defines segments of each sphere.

Allow Overlapping:
When checked, allow to overlap each sphere.

Mesh Export:
Build new object(s) in the scene when pressed.

Alembic Export:
Defines select export file path.

Start Frame:
Defines start frame for export.

End Frame:
Defines end frame for export.

Use Render Grid:
When checked, use super sampling value for cell size.

Velocity Channel:
Defines include velocity channel for export.

UV Channel:
Defines include UV channel for export.

Alembic Export:
Export alembic file.
You can use 3dsmax standard alembic exporter for AqMesher as well. But it cannot include velocity channel correctly. If you want to have velocity on the alembic file, you should use this function.