Fracture Node create fracture mesh by cutter object.

Input / VDB Grid:
Input vdb data for Fracture. You must connect this input for create.

Input / Cutter Object:
Input geometry for cutter object.

Input / Points:
Input particles data for cutter object scatter points.

Output / VDB Grid:
output fractured vdb data. Each fragments stored on array.

Instant Points:
Defines random point number. This parameter only works when Points list is empty.

Random Seed:
Defines random seed for Instant Points.

Random Rotation / X / Y / Z:
When checked, each cutter rotate randomly.
And random rotation value for each axis.

Cutter Overlap:
When checked, allow consecutive cutter instances to fracture previously generated fragments. This result may create unexpected small pieces of fragments, sometime.

Use Object Center:
When checked, ignore cutter object pivot and use object center for scattering position / rotation.

Split Disjoint Fragment:
When checked, split object with disjoint fragments into multiple objects.

Points On Surfaces:
When checked, each cutter points moves on the base object closer surface position. This function may create more efficient fragments.

Remove Dust Elements:
When checked, smaller pieces of fragments get delete by threshold.

Dust Threshold:
Defines remove dust element threshold in voxel value. Smaller value means more large pieces.