ParticleToLevelset Node can create SDF VDB volume with velocity Grid channel from particles.

Input / Particles:
Input particles node for convert. You must connect this input for create.

Output / VDB Grid:
output created vdb data.

Grid Name:
Name for the generated VDB Grid. This is storing to the VDB attribute values.

Defines on/off status for this function.

process only on sim/render:
When checked, this function execute only on simulation or rendering. This is useful for UI speed up.

Cell Size (3dsmax world unit):
The size of voxels in the generated VDB Grid. You have to be careful that too small a value consumes more computing time and more memory.

BandWidth (voxel unit):
This value depends how many voxels outside the particle sphere to fill in the generated VDB Grid.

Rebuild Levelset:
Do rebuild levelset. Building SDF Grid may need reconstruction in some case.

velocity Channel:
Create velocity channel Grid by input particles velocity information.

Vel. Multiplier:
This value can control velocity channel value.

Velocity Trail:
Create multiple spheres trail by particle velocity.

Vel. Spacing:
This value can control how far apart to space the spheres in the Velocity Trail.