Get fracture mesh by cutter object. Each fragments can get as 3dsmax object by export switch. Cutter objects are scatterd by Points. Then cut base object.

Select single cutter object to add from viewport.

Remove selected object from the list.

Select single points object/particle system to add from viewport.

Remove selected object from the list.

Rnd Points:
Defines random point number. This parameter only works when Points list is empty.

Rnd Seed:
Defines random seed for Rnd Points.

2ndFrag Scale:
Defines second cutter object scale.

Random Rotation:
When checked, each cutter rotate randomly.

X: Y: Z:
random rotation value for each axis.

Cutter Overlap:
When checked, allow consecutive cutter instances to fracture previously generated fragments. This result may create unexpected small pieces of fragments, sometime.

Use Object Center:
When checked, ignore cutter object pivot and use object center for scattering position / rotation.

Split Disjoint Fragment:
When checked, split object with disjoint fragments into multiple objects.

Points On Surface:
When checked, each cutter points moves on the base object closer surface position. This function may create more efficient fragments.

Remove Dust Element:
When checked, smaller pieces of fragments get delete by threshold.

Defines remove dust element threshold in voxel value. Smaller value means more large pieces.

Reference Object:
When use this function, fragments levelset result refer from this object.

Int. Adaptivity:
Defines adaptive rate of inside of fragment mesh.

Export with Spheres:
When checked, sphere geometry or AqBullet btSphere objects are created with fragments.

Geopetry / btSphere:
Defines sphere object type. btSphere need AqBullet plugin for 3dsmax.

min Radius:
Defines minimum radius of sphere.

max Radius:
Defines maximum radius of sphere.

max Number:
Defines maximum number of sphere.

scatter Num:
Defines scatter position number of sphere.

Sphere Seg:
Defines segments of each sphere.

Allow Overlapping:
When checked, allow to overlap each sphere.

Export Fragments:
Build new Fragments objects in the scene when pressed.