This utility makes Capsule Obj from spline objects. It also can create related 6DOF or Compound object same time.

Defines radius of the btCapsule

consider Object Angle
When checked, created capsules consider with spline object rotation.

Interpolate type
Defines spline interpolation style. If you choose “Knot”, capsule is made from spline knot to next knot. If you choose “Constant” capsule is made on the spline divided by amount.

Defines amount of capsule when you choose Constant type.

make Related object
When checked, script makes related objects when create capsules.

If you choose 6DOF, you can get 6DOF const object at your each root of capsule obj. To the created 6DOF objects, master and constrain list are set automatically.

If you choose Compound, you can get Compound obj at the center of capsules. To the created Compound Obj, all capsules are set automatically in the compound object list.