This helper object makes Rope Object group with own parameters.

Icon Size:
Defines size of the Rope List icon in the viewport.

Select single object to add from viewport.

Select multiple objects to add from scene explorer.

Remove selected objects from the list.

Start Frame:
Listed objects get in to the simulation from this frame.

Defines moving friction value for the listed objects.

Defines collision margin value for the listed objects. Simulation objects need appropriate value of margin anytime.

Defines iteration number in 1step for get more accurate result.

Defines object mass for the listed objects. This parameter unit is [kg].

Defines object linear Stiffness.

Bend Const:
Defines bending constraints based on distance.

Rigid Hard.:
Defines softbody vs rigid contacts hardness.

Kinetic Hard.:
Defines softbody vs kinetic contacts hardness.

Soft Hard.:
Defines softbody vs softbody contacts hardness.

Anch Hardness:
Defines object anchors constraint hardness.

Quick Anchor:
When checked, start or end vertex of spline constraint to the world position.