Particle Emitter Node makes particle in the inside area of the SDF field for the fluid simulation.

Input / VDB Grid:
Input vdb data to make Particle Emitter. You must connect this input for work.

Output / Simulation Data:
output result simulation data.

Group ID:
Defines particle group ID.

Particle Sampling:
Defines emit Particle Sampling. Particles to the cube of the set value will be placed in the each cell. Default value 2.0 means emit 8 particles in a cell.

Surface Sampling:
Defines emit Particle Sampling for the surface Area. This value should same or lager than Particle Sampling.

Surface Bandwidth:
Defines bandwidth of the surface area.

Surface Refinement:
When checked, emit some particles for refine of the surface boundary.

When checked, particles are placed randomly.

Random Seed:
Defines random seed.

Velocity Multiplier:
Defines multiplier of the input vdb grid velocity.

add Emit Velocity:
When checked, add directional velocity to the emitter.

Emit Intensity [unit / sec]:
Defines intensity of directional velocity.

Emit Direction:
Defines direction of the directional velocity.

Velocity Map:
When expose switch and connect map helper, multiply map intensity to velocity.
And select map type “2D map” or “3D map”. For 2D map, you need to have UVW channel on input.

add Fluid Density:
When checked, add fluid density value to the emitter particles.

Fluid Density:
Defines value of fluid density. Larger value means more dense(heavy weight) fluid.

add Viscosity:
When checked, add viscosity value to the emitter particles.

Defines value of viscosity. Larger value makes more viscus fluid.

Particle Preview:
When checked, preview particles in the viewport.