Wavelet Turbulence Node create Wavelet Turbulence noise effect from exChannel files.
You can make exChannel files in Grid Smoke Terminal node through the simulation.
Attention: If you have strange smoke disappear problem on the WT simulation result, you should uncheck “Use optimized grid” setting in the Grid Smoke Solver node in the exChannel export process.

WT Data Files:
Defines placement of the exChannel files.

Export Files:
Defines export placement of the simulated VDB data.

save float as 16bit:
When checked, float channel save as half float. This option get less filesize, but lost some data accuracy.

Export Log:
When checked, export simulation log.

Start Frame:
Defines start frame of the simulation.

End Frame:
Defines end frame of the simulation.

modify collision border:
When checked, avoid to make artifact on collision surface.

WT Grid Detail:
Defines Grid Detail of the Wavelet Turbulence. If this value set 2.0, WT grid scale get half of the base simulation. This parameter work with generate WT result.

WT Grid Strength:
Defines turbulence noise effect strength of the Wavelet Turbulence. This parameter work with generate WT result.

WT Grid Threshold:
Defines cells where wavelet turbulence noise effect will be added. Larger value reduce the area of effect. This parameter work with generate WT result.

Use Cuda GPU:
When checked, use cuda GPU computing over the simulation.

Sim on network rendering:
When checked, start simulation when 3dsmax on the network rendering(slave) mode. Be careful, when use this mode, please set “single frame rendering” in your render setting. If you set multiple frame rendering with this check, execute simulation on the every render tasks.

Start Simulation:
When you crick this button, simulation process start on your PC.